Help with WIHS Projects

WIHS moved from the third floor of an old downtown Middletown office building to 1933 South Main Street in the Spring of 1992–28 years ago! Much of the equipment from downtown was moved into the new facilities. Over the years, the equipment has been repaired multiple times, but with increasing difficulty. Technology has also changed dramatically. Now, there is a real need to update the broadcast studios and equipment to carry the Station into the future.

  • A project entitled “Studio 2020” is being launched this year, to refurbish and re-equip the studios. Preliminary cost estimates are $55,000 for equipment and an additional $15,000 for updating the facilities. Would you consider helping to fund this necessary project?
  • A Solar Power Farm would allow WIHS to reduce electrical energy costs. It is estimated that the project would pay for itself within 12 years, but there is a large initial cost of $95,000. That’s a lot of money, but the long term benefits and savings are significant.
  • Upgrading and updating the exterior signage and lighting costs an estimated $7,000.
  • Today, there are over 30 computers (some over 20 years old) operating 24 hours a day. The cost to maintain, repair and replace old parts has a budget of nearly $19,000/year. New computers and software would cost $15,000 but repair and maintenance costs would decrease to less than $4,000/year. This is another special project for you to consider.
  • Everyone likes to have clean carpets and flooring in their homes and it’s the same at WIHS. The current carpeting and flooring was installed in 1992 (when we moved into the facility), and it is definitely showing its age. The studios require copper ground planes to protect the equipment, and the office needs easy to clean material. All of the flooring replacement costs amount to $17,000.
  • In 2019, WIHS had to repair / replace the roof. We received some donations earmarked for this special project, but due to the urgency of the need, WIHS had to tap into general funds to finish the job. Our goal is to raise enough additional donations to pay for the balance of the completed roof work so we can replenish what we took from general funds.

If you have an interest in helping to fund one or more of these projects, please contact G.J. Gerard, General Manager at 860.346.1049 or Thank you!