Help with WIHS Projects

WIHS has special projects (most commonly related to our facility), which need funding from targeted gifts by generous donors who are stirred by the Holy Spirit to help. These special projects tend to be larger-ticket items that aren’t included in our annual operating budget. Since we are committed to operating debt-free, we do not apply for loans from financial institutions.

For example, in recent years, targeted giving has paid for our new antenna, deck repairs, new interior and exterior event displays, water leaks, and a significant portion of our new roof. The cumulative amount donated for these projects is over $50,000.

We currently have a number of special projects that need funding, in God’s time and in God’s way:

  • New flooring (the current flooring is between 25-50 years old): ~$20,000.
  • New signage (new logo exterior, interior, podium sign & microphone flags): ~$4,000.
  • New studio technology (hardware, software, related accessories & furniture): ~$35,000.

If you have an interest in helping to fund one or more of these projects, please contact G.J. Gerard, General Manager at 860.346.1049 or Thank you!