Help with WIHS Projects

We are delighted to report that the studio renovations, taking place since the fall of 2020, are now COMPLETE! Praise the Lord! We thank Him and all involved. We have made a mega-leap forward. The studio is now well-positioned to minister to listeners for many years to come.

WIHS has a phone system that is 30 years old.  Parts and service for our phone system are difficult, if not impossible to find.  It will cost about $9,000 (including installation) to update our phone system that can handle our needs. If you, your friends, your church, or Christian business can help, please contact Steve Tuzeneu.

We recently learned that our air conditioning system is obsolete and parts are difficult to find. The air conditioning has become unreliable.  Some days it works, and some days it does not. This air conditioning system is critical as it keeps our equipment from overheating.  It is estimated to cost $6,500 to update our system. Can you help?

We need to invest in important non-facility projects to maintain and grow our listenership, influence and impact for Christ. One way is to invest in an official WIHS AWD vehicle “wrapped” with the colorful WIHS logo and graphics. This vehicle will be used as a “moving billboard” for ongoing staff errands, speaking engagements, conferences, church visits, concerts, festivals and other high-profile events. As a result of our recent announcement, one listener generously offered to pick up the tab for the wrap! We are currently praying about and looking into the investment of the vehicle itself.

If you have an interest in helping to fund these projects, please contact Steve Tuzeneu, General Manager at 860.346.1049. Thank you!