Faith Sharing

Talk about teamwork! During Faith Sharing on October 24-26, 2019, we had 69 volunteers helping on-site, including 20 first-time volunteers and one person, Earl Kumm, who has volunteered since the very first Faith Sharing in 1972. We also had 12 special guests on the air, 11 Board members who participated behind the scenes and/or on the air.

2019 Faith Sharing Totals as of 12/31/19 are: 704 Faith Promises totaling $185,608

STEP ONE: use the online Faith Sharing form below to submit your commitment.


STEP TWO: fulfill your faith promise by mail or EFT.

Thank you for your Faith Promise! You may now fulfill your promise two ways:

  1. By sending your check or money order (payable to WIHS) by First Class Mail to WIHS, 1933 South Main Street, Middletown, CT 06457, or;
  2. By using EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) by clicking the secure link here.

Donations to WIHS are tax-deductible. We will send you a receipt.