WIHS History Book

Did you know that WIHS (We’re In His Service) was the pioneer in Christian radio broadcasting in Connecticut? The station first went on the air in October of 1969, and has maintained the same mission and ownership for nearly 53 years.

Today, WIHS is the largest locally-owned, locally-operated Christian media organization in the State, with its own studio, offices, antenna tower and staff in Middletown. As part of our 50th Anniversary celebration, we published a souvenir book, Call of Service, which chronicles the fascinating and inspirational history of WIHS. Authors Susanna, Julianna, and Lydia Bennett spent years rounding up information, and did an outstanding job writing and laying out the book with pictures and memories of past and present staff members. You’ll read about how WIHS got started, and be encouraged by how the Lord helped the founders to overcome seven years of struggle before the station went on the air.

In early 2022, some changes took place at the book publisher. Please contact Drew Crandall at 860.871.6500 if you would like to order copies. He can help you to navigate through the process.

Call of Service – Hard Cover – $30.00
Call of Service – Paperback – $15.00