Seasonal Programs

February is Black History Month. We praise God for the many African-American Christ-followers across Connecticut, and for all of the Christians who have courageously and faithfully labored to eliminate racism. There is only one race: the human race! Scroll below for details on special programming in February.

Throughout the month, WIHS will air special programming. For example, we will be broadcasting Moody Radio’s Treasured Moments in Black History which remembers people and events in America that have shaped history and inspired lives. By looking back and highlighting these moments, you will be inspired, enriched and encouraged in your faith walk to make history for God’s kingdom  This two minute feature will air Monday through Friday at 8:02 am and 4:02 pm, Saturday at 7:02 am and 5:02 pm, as well as, Sunday at 8:02 am and 10:02 pm. The complete series is also online

Connecticut has a rich abolitionist history, with many Freedom Trail sites, heroes and heroines. For example, Prudence Crandall is the Official State Heroine for her courageous stand against racism and slavery in the 1830’s. Did you know that she was a Christian?  During Black History Month, WIHS Journal host Gerry Williams will interview WIHS Vice President Drew Crandall about Prudence’ faith, life and legacy. Drew has been speaking across the State about Prudence since the Prudence Crandall Museum opened in 1984. The sobering and inspirational story of Prudence and her African-American female students is one that Connecticut residents need to hear.  Special African-American musical selections will also be showcased throughout the month, so be sure to tune in on-the-air or online!