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Vision New England, a network of Christian churches across the six-state region, has compiled some excellent resources to help churches with the coronavirus and related issues such as online worship services, gatherings and more. Click here for details.

WIHS is now broadcasting a special National Day of Prayer Task Force coronavirus prayer. We are getting strong listener response, so we just posted this prayer on the WIHS YouTube Channel. Please continue to pray with us, and share this prayer with others.

For info and guidance on the coronavirus, please visit the CDC and CT DPH websites today.

Mark your calendar! The WIHS 2020 “Celebrate Jesus” Gala & Expo will be held at the Aqua Turf Club in Southington on Friday, October 2, 2020. Details to come.

HE IS RISEN, INDEED! WIHS is broadcasting special Resurrection Season programs on April 5-24. Click here to view the list, so you can tune in on the air or online.

April 12 is Resurrection Sunday, which is a special day to rejoice that Jesus is Alive!  To help you to prepare for this special day of rejoicing, WIHS is offering a free 21-day Bible study booklet covering all of the chapters in the Gospel of John. To receive your free copy of this Bible study booklet, send an email to wihs@snet.net . Answers to each chapter’s questions will also be provided upon request.

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With public and private schools across Connecticut closed due to the coronavirus, thousands of families are quickly shifting gears into homeschooling. Here are some helpful links!

The Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers (TEACH)

The CT Homeschool Network

The CT Cooperative of Homeschool Educators East of the River (CHEER)

The Massachusetts Home Learning Association

Mass Hope

Home School Legal Defense Association

Free virtual tours of museums

Four free weeks of Focus on the Family “Adventure in Odyssey Club”

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How is your church addressing the coronavirus as it pertains to your worship services and other gatherings? WIHS would like to keep our finger on the pulse and share “best practices.” Please use the form below. Thank you!


Be sure to check out all of the content on this new mobile-friendly WIHS website! This new website contains many interactive features and downloadable 8.5×11 files that you can print and distribute to others. The content automatically re-formats for visitors who are accessing the site on a standard or HD computer monitor, tablet, Apple or Android smartphone.

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