Monday through Friday at 1:06 am and 2:06 pm: “Uncommon Moments” with Tony Dungy has been replaced with “Reset with Bonnie Sala.”

Monday through Friday at 10:16 pm: “Key Life” with Steve Brown (a repeat from 11:30 am) has replaced “Just Thinking” with Ravi Zacharias.

Saturday at 9 pm: “Renewing Your Mind Weekend” with R.C. Sproul has replaced “Let My People Think” with Ravi Zacharias.

Please note: if you open the following weekday, Saturday or Sunday PDFs of Excel files, there ARE easy-to-click hotlinks to various programmer websites.

Our new program guide prints 2-up on 11×8.5 paper to create a 6-panel brochure. In addition to the schedule, it contains a summary of our growing digital footprint, a brief description of the station, and various ways that you can support the station.