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Signal Interference

In January 2000, the FCC created a low power FM (LPFM) radio service. LPFM stations became available to noncommercial educational entities and public safety/travelers' information entities, but not individuals or commercial operations. The power for LPFM stations is limited to 100 watts or less. These stations typically cover their city of license and a few surrounding towns. They are to be built and operate without interfering with other radio stations adjacent to their location on the FM dial.

Over the past few years, LPFM stations have legally come on the air in Connecticut amid what is an already crowded FM broadcast band. More will be coming. As you listen to WIHS, should you experience interference from a new LPFM near you, or from any other station for that matter, please report the issue to us. Click on the "Report Signal Interference" link, located at the bottom of menu on the left side of our Web Site.

David Spicer

David Spicer

On January 18th, 2017, we were saddened to learn that our Music Director, David Spicer had gone home to be with the Lord.

David started as Music Director at WIHS in the fall of 2015. Upon his hire, he immediately started a new program heard on WIHS Sunday afternoons called, Glory, Praise and Song. He dubbed the program "GPS", and the subtitle stuck with the staff.

David was an accomplished musician who, from the time he was a youngster, knew that playing the pipe organ was something he wanted to do. He was a graduate of the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, and completed his graduate studies at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary. In addition to his duties at WIHS, he was the Director of Music and Organist at the historic First Church of Christ in Old Wethersfield for over three decades. A gifted conductor, David presented many oratorio concerts with orchestra throughout his career, including several premiere performances. As an educator, David mentored numerous younger organists, and was on the faculty of Tunxis Community College in Farmington. David co-founded the annual Albert Schweitzer Organ Festival, USA in 1997 and continued to run it over the next 20 years. One his favorite verses was Psalm 13:6 ~ "I will sing to the Lord, for He hath dealt bountifully with me." We were blessed to have David as a part of the WIHS staff, and will look forward to seeing him again in Heaven!

Programming Changes

Compassion Radio Weekend, which aired Sundays at 1:30am, is being replaced with the WIHS produced program Glory, Praise, and Song. The half hour of music presented on Glory,Praise, and Song gives glory to the Triune God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is our prayer that Glory, Praise, and Song will help to lead you to the Lord, with both inspiration and information about the music played. (Glory, Praise and Song can also be heard Sundays at 1:00pm.)

Authentic Intimacy will stop production of its program on Friday, December 30. In its place at 11:22am Monday through Friday will air the program It's Time to Pray – a one-minute devotional from Pastor Carter Colton of the Times Square Church in New York City. (It's Time to Pray can also be heard weekdays at 12:45am.)

New WIHS Board Members

Kevin Baldwin

Kevin Baldwin

I grew up knowing all about God, Jesus, and the Bible, but did not know Jesus personally. I tried to be a good Christian, worked hard, took care of my younger brothers, was respectful of my parents , but was never sure if I had done enough good to outweigh the times that I was bad.

In High School I started attending a Southern Baptist church in East Hartford. There was freshness and joy there that I had not experienced before. Still, I studied my Bible and continued to learn more about Jesus and how to be a better man. At the same time, I still sinned and felt terrible, so I tried even harder to earn my way back to God. I knew that I was not good enough, but I kept on trying to please God and men, my parents, teachers, friends, and family.

Finally in my senior year, I was trying so hard and was getting very tired. I was on the debating team, chess club, ran track, and had 2 paper routes (morning and night), lawn service in the neighborhood and 2 janitorial jobs. Finally, I got up the morning after the presidential elections and collapsed. I had an advanced case of Mononucleosis, strep throat, flue, and finally pneumonia. I was kept home from school and all outside activities until after the New Year's Day. During that 2-month period, I had lost 30 lbs. and was very weak. I could hardly walk. It was just where God needed me to be, sitting still and quiet enough to listen to Him.

My first out of the house experience, except for school, was a youth retreat to Mt Monadnock with the Youth Group. Here, for the first time, I heard with Spiritual ears what God had been telling me all along. That He knew that I had sinned and fallen short of His glory, that the wages of my sin were death and death was what I deserved. I realized that night that God so loved the world , even me, that He gave His one and only Son so that when I believe in Him, I would not die but have eternal life.

That night, Feb 1969, I gave my life to Jesus and have been His ever since.

Drew Crandall

Drew Crandall

Drew Crandall was born in Bridgeport and grew up in the Tri-State area. Like many Baby Boomers, he left church when he was a teenager. After graduating from Simsbury High School and the University of Connecticut at Storrs, Drew was busy climbing what he thought was the ladder of success when, in his late 20's, he started dating a woman who was a Christ follower. She introduced him to the difference between religion and relationship.

After exploring the claims of Christ for nearly two years, Drew was born again on June 8, 1985 at a Christian business breakfast in East Windsor. Since that morning, Drew has known that he is called to be a "minister in the marketplace." He owns and operates Keep In Touch, a marketing and media business in Vernon, and leads Northeast Christians At Work, a regional workplace ministry. He also leads the East of the River business leader group of the Fellowship of Companies for Christ International. A year after his new birth, Drew married Dawn, the woman who played such a significant role in his spiritual awakening. She has been faithfully by his side ever since.

Drew is a long-time friend of WIHS. Years ago, our News Director, Paul Kretschmer, called Drew "ubiquitous" and the term fits. Drew is a seasoned print, radio, television and online journalist and speaker. He directs Jacob's Well Christian Coffeehouse, leads the Connecticut Alliance for Christian Arts, Creation Coalition of Connecticut and JesusFest. He worships at Union Church in Rockville, where he serves on the church council and plays percussion in the praise band. For solitude in the midst of his high-energy life, Drew and Dawn live in a cozy log home nestled in the hilly woods of Ellington.

WIHS Antenna Project

We praise God that a generous friend of WIHS has given $10,000 for the station to purchase a new antenna!

The first antenna was put in service when the station started broadcast operations in 1969. It was located atop a telephone pole on Round Hill Road in Middletown. The second antenna was installed on a 65-foot tower located at the highest point on Round Hill. It greatly improved the WIHS coverage area. That antenna was put in service in 1989 and has served the station ever since. The 27-year old antenna is nearing the end of its expected lifespan, so we are very grateful for this timely gift!

However, there are associated installation expenses which will require approximately another $10,000 to be raised in order to put the new antenna into service. As you are reading this, perhaps God is encouraging you to make a contribution toward the new antenna project. Any amount, large or small will help us cross the finish line! Whether you'd like to donate On-Line or through the mail, mark your gift "WIHS Antenna Project". Visit the "Help WIHS With Projects" page on our Web Site often to see how funding for the project is coming along.

2017 Daily Bible Reading Guide

The 2017 Daily Bible Reading Guide from The Connecticut Bible Society is here! Throughout 2017, each month will have a unique theme related to God's word. Use the guide everyday to read a passage of Scripture related to the theme for that month. In doing so, you'll see the Bible from a different perspective while being encouraged by it daily.

The guide is available to you in both English and Spanish at no cost. Every person on the WIHS mailing list has been sent a copy of the guide. If you would like a copy for yourself, or several copies for your church or Bible study group please, contact WIHS radio any of these ways:

The Daily Bible Reading Guide is also available in Spanish.

The 2017 Bible Reading Guide is coming soon!

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