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WIHS Antenna Project

We praise God that a generous friend of WIHS has given $10,000 for the station to purchase a new antenna!

The first antenna was put in service when the station started broadcast operations in 1969. It was located atop a telephone pole on Round Hill Road in Middletown. The second antenna was installed on a 65-foot tower located at the highest point on Round Hill. It greatly improved the WIHS coverage area. That antenna was put in service in 1989 and has served the station ever since. The 27-year old antenna is nearing the end of its expected lifespan, so we are very grateful for this timely gift!

However, there are associated installation expenses which will require approximately another $10,000 to be raised in order to put the new antenna into service. As you are reading this, perhaps God is encouraging you to make a contribution toward the new antenna project. Any amount, large or small will help us cross the finish line! Whether you'd like to donate On-Line or through the mail, mark your gift "WIHS Antenna Project". Visit the "Help WIHS With Projects" page on our Web Site often to see how funding for the project is coming along.

2016 Daily Bible Reading Guide

Get a joyful lift from the Bible each day during December! The Daily Bible Reading Guide from The Connecticut Bible Society has rich material for you to read from God's word during Advent. The 31 passages of Scripture listed in the guide for December point to the theme: God's Word of Joy.

Order a copy of the guide for yourself and dig into the Bible everyday! To get your complimentary edition:

The Daily Bible Reading Guide is also available in Spanish.

The 2017 Bible Reading Guide is coming soon!

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Updated: December 04, 2016