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March is Letter Month

Mail us a card or send us an e-mail! Either way we'd love to hear from you during letter month! Tell us how you found out about WIHS, and what time of the day you listen. And... be sure to tell us about your favorite programs and songs you are blessed to hear on WIHS.

Maybe you've been a long-time listener to WIHS, but have never told us your there! Take a moment to connect with us right now!

We're looking forward to reading and sharing your letters during letter month!

Programming Changes

Words to Live By (Saturday at 9:30pm) is ceasing production on March 31. It is being replaced by Voice of the Martyrs Weekend. On Voice of the Martyrs Weekend, host Todd Nettleton shares the testimonies of brothers and sisters suffering for their faith in Christ.

WIHS Spring 2018 Special Offer, Featuring Luis Palau

Luis Palau
Luis Palau

Evangelist, Luis Palau is a dynamo for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Last October, we had the opportunity to have Luis as our speaker at both the WIHS Anniversary Banquet and our breakfast for Christian leaders. At each event, Luis made us roar with laughter while challenging us and encouraging in our work for the Lord. We've captured these messages and placed them on one convenient flash drive for you to be blessed by. Click the link below to order these messages and help support the ministry outreach of WIHS!

> > Order On-Line by clicking here < <

Resurrection Season Special Programming

Join WIHS this Resurrection Season for music, programming, and specials that help us reflect on the importance of the Lord's work during this time. Below is a list of the specials that will help focus our attention on the great sacrifice and triumphal resurrection of our Lord and Savior.

Sunday, March 25
Palm Sunday Special (3:30am, 3:30pm)
Palm Sunday - Prelude to Worship (10:00am)
Palm Sunday - Sacred Performance (1:30am, 12:30pm)

Monday, March 26
Man of Destiny (1:00am, 1:00pm, 8:00pm)
Cary Schmidt - Holy Week Series (Bread of Life)

Tuesday, March 27
The Witness - Part A (1:05am, 1:05pm, 8:05pm)
Cary Schmidt - Holy Week Series (Bread of Life)

Wednesday, March 28
The Witness - Part B (1:05am, 1:05pm, 8:05pm)
Cary Schmidt - Holy Week Series (Bread of Life)

Thursday, March 29
Secrets for the Garden (1:05am, 1:05pm, 8:05pm)
Cary Schmidt - Holy Week Series (Bread of Life)

More Resurrection Season special programming will be posted soon!

WIHS Good News Letter – Spring 2018

(Click to download)

WIHS publishes its Good News letter four times a year. Inside each Good News you'll find information about recent and upcoming events at WIHS. You'll also find uplifting letters from listeners whose lives are being touched by the programming they hear on the station.

If you would like to be placed on our mailing list to receive a complimentary copy the WIHS Good News each quarter, please go to the Good News Letter page and fill out the form. You may also be added to our mailing list by sending us your name and mailing address via email at

New WIHS Logo and New Event Displays

WIHS introduced a new colorful logo on January 1st, located at the top of each page on our Web Site. Drew Crandall serves on the WIHS Board of Directors and worked with our graphic designer, Bruce Huffaker, to develop a carefully thought out logo which expresses several elements. The new logo will appear on more and more of our promotional pieces throughout 2018, and will be fully implemented by the time we start our 50th Anniversary Year in 2019.

At the same time, we've desired to upgrade our event displays. Our listeners have responded by donating to our "Projects Page" located right here on the WIHS Web Site. Through that generosity we have been able to purchase some new pieces for our event display.

In the photos at above right, Drew Crandall (on the right) and WIHS Station Manager, Mark Channon, stand in front of the new six-foot display table. Both the six-foot and eight-foot displays have "360 table cloths", which allow our logo to be displayed on all four sides. That feature will be important as we encounter different set up locations at events. Also pictured is a new 3'X4' pull-up banner and wall mount banner with our new logo located inside the outline of Connecticut.

WIHS is your Station for Inspiration and Information!

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2018 Daily Bible Reading Guide

Throughout 2018, the theme in the Daily Bible Reading Guide from The Connecticut Bible Society will be Growing With God's Word. Each month will present a different idea designed to help you Grow in God's word.

During March, the emphasis in the guide is upon prayer. Growing with God's Word in Prayer is the theme this month. We'll read some of the great prayers given in the Old Testament before looking at some of the principles given to us in the New Testament regarding prayer.

The guide is available in English and Spanish. WIHS has joined hands with The Connecticut Bible Society to make the guide available to you free and post-paid! Request a copy for yourself, or several copies for your church or Bible study group. To do so, please contact WIHS radio any of these ways:

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