*** Make YOUR 2023 Faith Promise ***

Here is your opportunity to be personally involved with what the Lord is doing through the exciting and dynamic ministry of WIHS!

Faith Sharing is when  WIHS makes an “on-air” appeal for financial support.  During WIHS Faith Sharing, listeners are encouraged to share their faith by making a Faith Promise.

How does Faith Promise giving work?  –  A Faith Promise is a promise to God, not a pledge to WIHS.  It’s a faith commitment to support WIHS Radio that is strictly between you and the Lord.

  1. Prayerfully consider the amount of money that you could faithfully purpose to give to WIHS
  2. Promise only what you believe God wants Him to give to WIHS through you. 
  3. Then trust God to be faithful to provide the funds in order to meet your promise to Him. 
  4. WIHS will not remind you or keep track of your progress toward your Faith Promise commitment since this matter is between you and God
  5. Faith Promise giving may be fulfilled by a one-time gift or given in increments over the upcoming year.  A Faith Promise made to WIHS should be over and above what you give to your local church and should not take money away from your responsibility there. 

If God has blessed you through WIHS, share your faith by making a Faith Promise right now.

  • To make yourFaith Promise to WIHS – Please click here
  • To fulfill your Faith Promise to WIHS by Electronic Funds Transfer – Please click HERE
  • To fulfill your Faith Promise to WIHS by check or money order, mail to:
    WIHS, 1933 South Main Street, Middletown, CT 06457


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(updated 8/17/23)

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