•   Have you been looking for fun Christian activities like concerts, coffeehouses and conferences? View the WIHS Community Web Calendar for LOTS of local Christian events!!

•  Check out our YouTube Channel to watch the WIHS-produced programs Bread of Life and the WIHS Journal!!

•  Look over our music play list to see what songs were played previously.

•  Are you seeking a local church? A Christian school?  Other local Christian ministries?

•  Do you want to know what’s airing on WIHS at any given time? 

•  Do you want to listen to WIHS on your computer?

•  Would you like some FREE WIHS witnessing materials?

•  Want to make a song request, a prayer request, or share info about an upcoming event at your church?

ALL of these resources – and MUCH more – are on the WIHS website! Explore * Discover * Get Informed * Get Involved

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