*** 104.9FM – The “Granddaddy” of Christian Media in Connecticut! ***

Did you know that YOUR Station for “Hope and Encouragement” is “The Granddaddy” of Christian media in Connecticut?

Praise God!!  WIHS has been on the airwaves since October 11, 1969!!

The content on WIHS is intentionally very diverse in order to minister to a broad spectrum of believers in Jesus Christ and to those seeking forgiveness and peace found only through Him. 

We offer Christ-centered, Bible-based, Spirit-led hope and encouragement for everyone: — children to seniors, city to country, traditional to contemporary, all ethnicities, economic and cultural backgrounds.

We take no government funds and no on-air advertising revenue.

WIHS is 100% listener supported by faithful people just like you!

For more information about this powerful & unique radio ministry, please click here

And, please pray for and support WIHS … Thank YOU!!

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