*** “Growing Through Conflict” read by Pam Lucashu on the WIHS Reading Room!! ***

For over forty years, WIHS has been producing and broadcasting a program called The WIHS Reading Room.  On The WIHS Reading Room, contents of a Christian book are read over the air. And … the books that are read are available for purchase at local Christian book stores or through other online sources.

The WIHS Reading Room is broadcast each weekday, Monday through Friday, at 1:30 AM and 1:30 PM. 

From May 19th through June 2nd:   

Name of Book:                     Growing Through Conflict

Name of Author:                  Dr. Erwin Lutzer

Publisher:                              Servant Publications

Reader:                                  Pam Lucashu

Available at:              www.christianbook.com

So join WIHS in the Reading Room and be blessed!

(Updated 5/18/23)

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