*** **Faith Sharing 2022 CONTINUES – 529 Faith promises & $151,708.00 promised so far … THANK YOU!!** ***

Here is your opportunity to be personally involved with what the Lord is doing through the exciting and dynamic ministry of WIHS!

Faith Sharing is the only time of the year that WIHS makes an “on-air” appeal for financial support.  During WIHS Faith Sharing, listeners are encouraged to share their faith by making a Faith Promise.

How does Faith Promise giving work?  –  A Faith Promise is a promise to God, not a pledge to WIHS.  It’s a faith commitment to support WIHS Radio that is strictly between you and the Lord.

  1. Prayerfully consider the amount of money that you could faithfully purpose to give to WIHS
  2. Promise only what you believe God wants Him to give to WIHS through you. 
  3. Then trust God to be faithful to provide the funds in order to meet your promise to Him. 
  4. WIHS will not remind you or keep track of your progress toward your Faith Promise commitment since this matter is between you and God
  5. Faith Promise giving may be fulfilled by a one-time gift or given in increments over the upcoming year.  A Faith Promise made to WIHS should be over and above what you give to your local church and should not take money away from your responsibility there. 

If God has blessed you through WIHS, share your faith by making a Faith Promise right now.

  • To make yourFaith Promise to WIHS – Please click HERE
  • To fulfill your Faith Promise to WIHS by Electronic Funds Transfer – Please click HERE
  • To fulfill your Faith Promise to WIHS bycheck or money order, mail to:

            WIHS, 1933 South Main Street, Middletown, CT 06457.

So what EXACTLY is WIHS Faith Sharing?

Since October 1969, WIHS has been broadcasting the Good News of Jesus Christ on 104.9FM from Middletown, CT!  WIHS is truly a “faith-based ministry” as the Station remains both 100% listener supported & a completely commercial free, non-profit ministry – Praise God!!

Faith Sharing is the one time of year when we share with you – our listening family – the financial needs of this powerful radio ministry!  During Faith Sharing, thousands of WIHS listeners – just like YOU – will be calling in their Faith Promises!! 

Faith Promise is a financial commitment between a listener and the Lord to help keep WIHS broadcasting the Good News of Jesus Christ — and remaining commercial free!

If you have been blessed by this powerful radio ministry, please PRAY about making a financial contribution to keep the Good News of Jesus Christ over the airwaves of Connecticut and throughout the world on www.wihsradio.org!    

To get involved with what God is doing RIGHT HERE in your own backyard – click here

And by the way …

Being LIVE & LOCAL provides our listeners will LOTS of unique benefits!

– WIHS provides the current time & the most up to the minute weather forecasts every ½ hour!
– WIHS provides traffic reports!
–  WIHS keeps YOU informed about local events & happenings in several ways:

Faith & Ministry on-air News Stories
The WIHS Journal
The WIHS Community Web Calendar
Quarterly & complimentary WIHS Good Newsletter
Monthly WIHS E-newsletter!

And … we can help promote YOUR upcoming event, too – at no charge!!

–  WIHS can come to YOUR ministry events personally and provide large quantities of FREE
   witnessing materials!

– WIHS offers FREE Studio Tours to groups, ministries, schools, families!

–  WIHS engages personally with listeners by offering volunteer opportunities, Bible Collections, Open Houses & Annual Banquets & LOTS more!!

– WIHS shares local Christian School closings & delays!

– WIHS plays YOUR song requests on our Weekend Request Hours and we lift up YOUR Prayer Requests on the WIHS Family Prayer Circle! 

Because WIHS is LIVE & LOCAL our Staff and Management are your neighbors … we live right here with you in your neighborhood!

WIHS is truly YOUR Station for Inspiration & Information where We’re IHis Service and have remained 100% listener supported and 100% commercial free since 1969!

Contact the WIHS Office Staff for more information on any of the above listed items and to find out how you and/or your church/ministry can get involved with what God is doing right here in Middletown, CT!!

WIHS – Live & LOCAL since 1969 – Praise God!!

(updated week ending 11/18/2022)

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