*** WIHS Prayer Power!! ***

Praise God!! 
This year WIHS is celebrating 52 years broadcasting the Good News of Jesus Christ!!   

Back in 1962 … several couples began faithfully praying for a Christian radio station in central Connecticut … 7 years later on October 11, 1969 WIHS went on the air for the first time & has been on ever since!!              
                                      WIHS was founded on & continues to run on prayer!!

Would you please consider lifting up this powerful radio ministry in prayer? Here are some humble suggestions, but please pray as the Holy Spirit Leads 🙂

1.  WIHS Board of Directors:  God’s wisdom & vision.  Unity.  Sensitivity & obedience to the Holy Spirit. 

2.  WIHS Management –  God’s wisdom & discernment.  Creative ideas!

3.  WIHS Announcers:  Fresh fire & fresh passion for King Jesus!

4.  WIHS Office Staff :  God’s grace & wisdom.  Opportunities to share the Gospel with the lost that call & visit the Station. 

5.  Saved listeners:  Fresh passion to read God’s Holy Word & to PRAY for this powerful radio ministry!

6.  Unsaved listeners:  Salvation!!

7.  God’s physical & spiritual protection:  For all WIHS staff, WIHS property & WIHS equipment

May God bless YOU exceedingly & abundantly beyond all you can ask or think  – Ephesians 3:20

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