*** Do YOU know how many radio programs WIHS produces?? ***

WIHS broadcasts 70+ programs every day – 24 hours a day/7 days a week /365 days a year! 
Of those 70+ programs, eight of them are produced right here at the WIHS Studios!

Hosted & Produced by Paul Kretschmer for OVER 35 years!!
Additional hosts:  Anissa Porticelli and Gerry Williams

The WIHS Journal brings you news and public affairs from around CT and beyond.

  • Paul focuses on State political news and stories from Mission Network News
  • Anissa interviews ministry leaders about their work in the Christian community.
  • Gerry contributes pieces to the Journal from “Out and About.”

The WIHS Journal airs:

  • Weekdays at 3:15am, 12:13pm & 5:49pm (10 minutes)
  • Saturdays at 3:15am, 12:15pm & 5:10pm (15 minutes)
       ** For over 32 years the first Saturday of each month features the City of Middletown Community
            Health Educator Lou Carta interviewing local health professions on Healthline.   
  • Also posted on the WIHS 1049 Channel on YouTube


Shortly after WIHS began broadcasting in October 1969, WIHS began inviting local evangelical pastors to record a weekly series of 4-5 minute devotional messages.  For over 40 years there has been a strong contingent of Biblically-based pastors and church leaders who have provided timely, inspiring and challenging devotional messages.

Bread of Life airs:

  • Weekdays at 12:25pm, 5:25pm & 11:25pm
  • Saturdays at 2:06am, 12:10pm & 5:25pm
  • Sundays at 1:05am, 7:15am and 3:55pm
  • Also posted on the WIHS 1049 Channel on YouTube


For many people life is full of noise, busyness, and information overload.  Dinner Concert is a relaxing respite from all of that; a time to ramp down from the day’s activities and enjoy soothing instrumental music.  Most of the music is from familiar Christian songs and hymns.

Dinner Concert airs:

  • Weekdays from 6-6:45pm
  • Saturdays from 5:30-6pm
  • Sundays from 5:30-6:30pm


The music presented gives glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit tapping into the reservoir of sacred music through the centuries.  We seek to inform listeners about the composers and the inspiration behind their compositions.  The program considers classical as well as contemporary styles.  Sacred Performance is hosted by Dennis DeLuzio, with technical assistance by Neil Knudsen, and airs Sundays at 1:30am & 1pm.


For over 35 years WIHS has aired this 30-minute program that features a narrator reading a Christian book.  In addition to the original Reading Room Reader, Elaine Thyberg, whose voice can still be heart on Reading Room archives, Val Secore, Verinda Birdsong & Justine Grandpre also take their turns reading. The Reading Room airs weekdays at 1:30am & 1:30pm.


Several couples began faithfully praying for a Christian radio station in central Connecticut back in 1962  … 7 years later on October 11, 1969 WIHS went on the air for the first time & has been broadcasting the Good News of Jesus Christ ever since!!  WIHS was founded on & continues to run on prayer!!  In return, WIHS provides a weekly, 30-minute “on-the-air” prayer time called The WIHS Family Prayer Circle.  There are five hosts that alternate weeks: WIHS Vice President, Bill Bacon; WIHS Board of Director, Rev. G. J. Gerard, WIHS Board of Director Rev. Christopher Adams, former WIHS Board of Director Rev Bill Huegel & WIHS General Manager Steve Tuzeneu.  Listeners are encouraged to call, email or write in their prayer requests to be added to the Prayer Circle.  Names are never mentioned – all requests are anonymous.  The WIHS Family Prayer Circle airs Saturday evenings from 8:30-9pm


WIHS provides nearly 85 hours of music each week!  Two of those hours are designated to playing only the music requests of WIHS Listeners.  Listeners are encouraged to call, email or write in their song requests.  WIHS shares the name of the town where the request was made – and if the listener chooses, we’ll share their first name, too!  The WIHS Listener Request Hours are Saturdays from 7:30-8:30pm and Sundays from 4:30-5:30pm.


The music mix at WIHS is often described as “eclectic”!  Spectrum of Sound features two specific styles of music that you probably won’t hear on WIHS at any other time.  The first & third Saturday of the month feature Gospel music and your host is Gerry Williams.  The second & fourth Saturday of the month feature Southern Gospel music with host Jack Pike.  If there is a fifth Saturday, the music featured will be Praise & Worship.  Spectrum of Sound can be heard Saturdays from 4:05-5pm

Tune in and be blessed!!!

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