*** Creative Idea: Share the Gospel on your “hold system”!! ***

If your business, church, or ministry wants to put WIHS on your music on hold system – it’s VERY easy!

You will need an audio cable that fits a radio’s output jack.      

  • Make sure the radio you are using is of a decent quality AND has an “audio output” jack. 
  • Make sure the WIHS signal is strong and clear.
  •  Make sure your phone system has an audio input jack.  It should be labelled: “Music on hold.”
  • Use the audio cable to connect from the output of the radio to the input of your phone system’s music on hold input.  The cable you use, will have to have male connectors that match the output of your radio, and the input of your music on hold system.  Some radios have an output jack like you see below:

Once you have your radio connected to your music on hold system, make sure the volume on the radio is low; about a quarter of the way up (clockwise).  You can have someone nearby listen on a phone while he/she is on hold and adjust the audio level upward until he/she can hear it clearly.  If the audio sounds “scratchy,” you may have the audio up too loud. Turn the audio down until it sounds loud enough to be heard without distortion.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Never connect your music on hold input to an audio amplifier, public address amplifier, or anything more powerful than a small radio with an audio output jack.  An audio amplifier could damage your music on hold system and might damage the rest of your phone system.  We can not be responsible for any damage.  

  • Have someone call the phone number where you have a music on hold system, place that person on hold and have him/her report how the audio sounds.

If you need any help, or have questions, please call WIHS Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. and ask to speak with the chief engineer.

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