*** What Is “CT PRAYS”?? ***

Uniting Churches to Pray Across Connecticut

How CT Prays works:

Congregations sign up to cover a full day or half day in continual prayer.  The day/time selected would be the same day/time slot each month. 

Each congregation assigns a team leader to recruit people from their congregation to sign up to pray in 15, 30 or 60 minute increments – it’s up to each congregation to organize their day (or ½ day) of prayer

Currently there are over 25 Christian churches praying!!  And … “Connecticut Prays” provides prayer points, too!

Praise God – it’s that EASY!!

Imagine what Connecticut would look like if The Body of Christ united together to cover our state in prayer 24/7!!!

Would YOU like to be one of the Christian Churches in Connecticut united in prayer and seeking God together … 

Visit www.ctprays.org to find out how!!

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