*** Join with WIHS (& have fun)!! ***

Since WIHS first went on the airwaves at 104.9FM back in 1969, the Station has always sought to have a more interactive relationship with our local ministry leaders, area pastors & their churches. 

Because WIHS does not advertise … there are people and churches that do not know that this 24/7/365 ministry exists!

Help get the word out — below are some easy ways YOU can partner with this powerful radio ministry!

1.  Make sure your church is on the WIHS Mailing List in order to receive important updates, information & our quarterly Good News Letter!

2.  Put WIHS on your church’s telephone “hold” system!

3.  Invite WIHS to represent the Station at your Missions Fairs!

4.  Remind members & friends to listen to WIHS!

5.  Sponsor a day of broadcasting!

6.  Support WIHS as part of your church’s mission’s budget!

7.  Consider adding a WIHS link to your website

8. Display & share WIHS witnessing materials!

9.  PRAY for WIHS!!!

“How good it is when brothers work together in unity” (Psalm 133:1)

Praising God for 50 years of broadcasting the Good News of Jesus Christ on 104.9FM and at www.wihsradio.org

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