***What is the “WIHS Bread of Life?”***

Shortly after WIHS began broadcasting in October 1969, it was decided to invite local evangelical, male pastors to come to the WIHS Studios & record a weekly series of 4-5 minute devotional messages.  The name given for this broadcast ministry was Bread of Life.
For over 40 years there has been a strong contingent of inspiring and challenging devotional messages from local pastors – Praise God!!

Bread of Life is broadcast three times a day, seven days a week! 

It is a great joy and satisfaction for WIHS to work with local pastors to provide quality Christian devotions each broadcast day and WIHS gives thanks for the faithful support from so many pastors to assist this Christian Radio Ministry.

If you think your pastor might be interested in participating in the Bread of Life Program, please have your Church Office call the WIHS Office Staff during business hours (9-5, Monday through Friday) at (860) 346-1049. 

Only requests made from the Church Office directly to the WIHS Office will be honored.

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