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Meet Anissa Porticelli

In February 2014, Anissa celebrated being with WIHS radio for 10 years. Her pleasant and encouraging voice is heard on WIHS Monday - Thursday from 5:10pm - 9pm, and 5:10pm - 7:30pm on Fridays. She is also one of two hosts of the WIHS Journal which airs weekdays at 3:15am, 12:13pm & 5:49pm and on Saturdays at 3:15am, 12:15pm & 5:10pm. With God's help, she's earned her BA and MDiv.

We asked her to share her testimony and this is what she had to say:

Some individuals find the Lord, as a result of a message or a testimony, or a tract. This was not the case for me. God had to use extreme measures and an extreme circumstance.

At the age of 14, after dealing with abuse, I began to suppress the abuse with alcohol and drugs. I subsequently began to struggle with same sex attractions. Yet all the while I had an Italian Catholic grandmother who always prayed for me. The drinking and drugs produced many accidents that almost resulted in my death. Nonetheless it was an encounter with God that instantly delivered me from the drugs and alcohol.

However, all the demons were not gone, and my same sex attractions only escalated as I plummeted into to dark world of homosexuality. This was a confusing and convicting life style that I led for almost 10 years.

The catalyst was a catastrophic motorcycle accident on the highway in 1998. It was a miracle I survived! After one year of rehabilitation, I had to learn how to live with a spinal cord injury and in a wheel chair.

The Lord opened the flood gates of mercy for his love, and I realized how sinful I was. After fasting, much prayer and giving my full life to Jesus, I was totally set FREE.

We thank the Lord for what He has done in Anissa's life! She has a vibrant testimony for the Savior and servant's heart which constantly shows in all she does at WIHS and beyond!

Updated: March 2014