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Help WIHS with Projects

WIHS would like to let you know about some special projects we want or need to accomplish. Prayerfully consider helping WIHS financially. Perhaps God has blessed your life in such a way that you can underwrite the cost of an entire project. That would be wonderful! Or maybe you'd like to assist, as God enables you, by contributing toward a particular project that will help us on our way. Either way, when you send your designated gift, be sure to indicate which project you're supporting.

How to Donate – You may donate to any of these projects by...

1) Mailing a check to WIHS at the address on the Contact Us page, or

2) Using a credit/debit card on the secure WIHS donation page.

Either way, please be sure to designate which project you are giving towards on the memo line of your check or in the notes section of the donation page.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support! Check back to see how the projects are progressing!

Here is our project list with further details about each item listed below the grid...

Project Estimated Cost Received Thus Far
Antenna Project  Completed! $30,000 $30,350
Deck Repair  Completed! $2,000 $2,000
New Event Displays  Fully Funded $2,500 $2,500
Lobby Water Leak Repairs  Fully Funded $6,000 $6,000

Antenna Replacement Project Completed!

The first antenna WIHS had was put in service when the station started broadcast operations in 1969. It was located atop a telephone pole on Round Hill Road in Middletown. In 1989, the second antenna was installed on a 65-foot tower located at the highest point on Round Hill. The move to a new location greatly improved the WIHS coverage area. That antenna had served the station ever since. The 27-year old antenna was nearing the end of its expected lifespan.

We are thanking the Lord, and thanking our listeners who donated, that the antenna replacement project was completely funded, and the new WIHS antenna has been installed! The work took place on the project over a couple of days in mid-September to replace the second WIHS antenna which had been in service since 1989.

We praise God for three major benefactors who graciously donated $10,000 $7,902 and $6,100 to continue the Lord's work and to the outreach of WIHS radio!

Please take a look at these photos of the antenna replacement process.
(Click each thumbnail to view a larger version.)

The old WIHS antenna was in service from 1989 through September 2017.
New three-bay antenna being assembled at the WIHS tower site.
Tower climbers/installers begin work removing the old antenna.
Wiring work inside the WIHS transmitter building.
Tower climbers work to install the first of the three bays of the new WIHS antenna.
Tower climbers working on the three-bay WIHS antenna.
Old WIHS antenna safely on the ground after removal from the tower.
Installation complete. Praise God!

New Event Displays – WIHS is often "out and about" at churches and Christian events and would like to purchase two different sized event displays to use at larger and smaller venues.

Lobby Water Leak Repairs – Water has leaked into the WIHS lobby in two different locations causing damage to the paint, sheetrock and woodwork. Some repairs have been done to stop further damage from happening. But more time and work will be needed to ensure those leaks have been sufficiently corrected, and to make repairs in other areas of concern.

WIHS Deck Repairs Completed!

Over many years of being in New England weather, the deck off the south side of WIHS had fallen into disrepair and become unsafe. Last fall, WIHS Property Manager, Ray Bennett and members of his family went to work removing damaged planks from the deck and replacing them with brand new pressure treated wood. Likewise, railing caps were replaced with pressure treated wood. Changes were also made to the staircase so that it now sits securely on the concrete pad beneath it. In the late Spring, Ray applied a fresh coat of stain to the entire structure. Look at the pictures of the deck to see the completed work and impressive transformation!

We are most thankful that the project was underwritten through a gift from a listener on Long Island!

We praise God for members of the Bennett family that provided the labor for the repairs at no cost to WIHS!

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Updated: March 2018