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EEO Report


The Rev. GJ Gerard, General Manager of Christian radio station WIHS is hereby appointed as the Chief EEO Officer and Overseer, and contact person for Christian radio station WIHS. This appointment is made to fulfill the Federal Communications Commission requirements effective March 13, 2003, and shall be posted and maintained in the EEO folder located in the WIHS public file.

By the authority of:
William Bacon, President
Connecticut Radio Fellowship
March 3, 2003



WIHS is an evangelical Christian Radio Station, owned and operated by the Connecticut Radio Fellowship and licensed by the Federal Communications Commission.

All employees of WIHS who have contact with the listening audience are to profess and demonstrate a personal commitment to the evangelical Christian faith as described in the Statement of Belief of the Connecticut Radio Fellowship.

The Board of Directors of the Connecticut Radio Fellowship is committed to an Equal Employment Opportunity policy that ensures that all persons, regardless of skin color or other racial characteristics, native heritage, or gender, may be employed at WIHS.

When positions for employment occur at WIHS, applicants to apply for these positions will be sought from a wide variety of evangelical Christian sources which insure equal employment opportunity for all qualified persons. These sources would include Internet postings on the appropriate "help wanted" pages of national evangelical Christian placement agencies, including those of the National Religious Broadcasters and the Christianet home pages; mailings of position openings to area churches of an evangelical Christian persuasion, and mailings of position openings to other evangelical Christian organizations both within and without Connecticut.

WIHS has regular contact with over 350 churches whose constituencies reflect all of the different ethnic, racial, cultural and social positions within the Station's broadcast region. These congregations are strong allies to secure candidates for employment at WIHS when a potential job opening occurs.

WIHS also maintains an active file of persons who have expressed interest in employment at the Station, and seeks to expand this file through personal contact with visitors, church meetings, pastoral references and referrals from many in the listening audience.

For the Board of Directors:
G. J. Gerard, Vice-President
Connecticut Radio Fellowship

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