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Listener Testimonies

WIHS is blessed to share the following testimonies of how the LORD has powerfully used His radio station to transform the lives of His children!!


Do you have a story you would like to share how the Lord has used His radio station, WIHS, in your life...   Please send us an email at and tell us!

I discovered your station one morning as I prayed to be more God-focused,
and a car passed me with the WIHS bumper sticker!
So I am requesting a bumper sticker be mailed to me -- and maybe I will have the same impact on someone else's life.
If it was not for WIHS I would not be a Christian now.
I started listening to WIHS when I was seeking answers and found them in the ministry
and preaching of the various programs. The programs you play make the Word come alive as it should.
2 ½ years ago I surrendered to Christ listening to Miles McKee.
Thank you for your faithfulness to Jesus Christ and His Gospel.
EMAIL Listener
Last night at our Thanksgiving family gathering
my wife’s sister-in-law shared with us how she came to faith in Christ
through the WIHS Good News bumper sticker
we display on our car.
She told us that a few years ago, she parked behind us and saw the sticker,
and said to herself: “this must be a good radio station if they are listening to it.”
She started listening to Running to Win and other programs,
and little by little, she came to trust Jesus as her personal Savior!
I wanted to let you know that I found your station some months ago
from a bumper sticker on someone’s car.
I tuned in and have really enjoyed hearing your programs.
It is as if the message that I need to hear comes across the air waves when I listen…
I will keep tuning in as long as you are on the air!
I am writing to give thanks for the blessing you have been for the past four years.
I first tuned to the station when I was getting to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior
and saw someone’s bumper sticker in a parking lot.
I have not stopped listening since.
My car radio and the radio at home are tuned in 24 hours a day
I also log on my computer at work.
I wanted to let you know that I found your station some months ago
from a bumper sticker on someone’s car.
I tuned in and have really enjoyed hearing your programs.
It is as if the message that I need to hear comes across the airwaves when I listen.
I often find myself with tear filled eyes as I drive to work in the mornings
because I can feel God’s love from the words of a song,
or what one of your guests is saying.
I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful station,
and for helping me grow as a Christian through your ministries.
I will keep tuning in as long as you are on the air!
EMAIL Listener
How do I put in words what the people on your radio station has done for me!…
I grew up in a Catholic family and somehow I knew that it wasn’t the religion for me….
I was listening to 104.1 when I changed it by a mistake to 104.9 and I heard someone talking about Jesus…
next thing you know, 2 weeks later I asked Jesus to save me & forgive my sins…
I have only been listening to your station about 4 months.
I don’t listen to 104.1 anymore or my other CDs….
I want to thank everyone there in WIHS for making it possible for me to give my life to Christ.
You helped me when I was trapped…
I love you all even though I have never met you,
I feel connected to you by radio.
You are my real family.
I have been a listener of WIHS since, I believe, 1975.
It was through WIHS I first heard the gospel of salvation through Christ.
It was over WIHS I received faithful and true teaching in God’s Word.
WIHS has been a faithful friend and a real encouragement through all the ups and downs
of my life over these three decades.
I strongly believe that what we listen to impacts our attitudes and actions,
so my stereo stays on WIHS.
It fills not just my ears, but my very heart and soul with God’s Word,
clear teaching, uplifting music and informative programs.
“…one night I was flipping through the channels on the radio on my way to work
and found your radio station. Praise God!
I believe I listened to Chuck Swindoll, Derek Prince & Unshackled,
and boy did it bring back a flood of memories.
I was hooked, my wife was hooked and I finally felt the Call of the Lord
and asked Him to come into my life
all thanks to your radio broadcast programs! God Bless You!!
I don’t know where to begin!
Discovering 104.9 has been a life changing experience to me.
I lived a gay lifestyle prior to marriage.
One day on your airwaves I heard “my story” in Steve Bennett’s testimony!
I called your station
got his number and with my spouse by my side
we attended a 3-day workshop he put on!
I was saved during that weekend and I met people who struggle just like me.
The more I listen to 104.9 and read the Bible, the further away are the struggles.
My favorite programs Proclaim, Steve Brown, Erwin Lutzer, Running to Win
and the evening Dinner Concert.
Keep up the great work!
PS. I proudly display your cling on sticker and
large bumper stickers and I also carry your cards to give out

I proudly display my WIHS bumper sticker so that people will tune in….

I’d like to thank you once again for all you do to make your radio station possible.
I’ve always listened to the station as much as I could,
but recently my husband, who was unsaved, started listening.
You were a large part of his conversion.
He now serves the Lord Jesus along side of me.
He’s a perfect example of “never give up praying for someone”.
We’ve been married for 30 years and for 25 of those years, I’ve prayed for his salvation.
God bless you all!!
I was a lapsed church-goer and on a visit to my youngest son’s house.
I started pushing buttons for the station that I usually listen to,
and lo and behold, my son had changed ALL of the car radio stations to WIHS.
So apparently the Lord wanted me to listen, so I did.
From that time on, about 3 years now, I have listened to WIHS in the house and in the car….
I now go to church regularly and am involved in a Bible study every week.
Who would have thought that it would be my youngest son who would find Christ,
and lead me back to Him!
Thank you Jesus, thank you WIHS, thank you, son!
Praise the Lord!!
On Sunday this woman at church testified of how her life was saved by seeing WIHS bumper stickers.
She said her heart was broken…she was very despondent and wanted to die.
She was driving and praying that God would cause the car to crash and kill her.
Just then every vehicle she saw had a WIHS bumper sticker.
She had not noticed that before and decided to tune into the station.
There she heard God’s word and decided to find a church.
She came to our church, which is within walking distance from her home.
She has been blessed ever since and now she wants to live for Jesus.
She is so happy! I just had to share this with you…
she is now my friend and it is just wonderful to talk with her!
There is so much energy in a new Christian.
We older Christians need them to help us not to get cold and lose our ‘First Love.’
God Bless You!
I came across WIHS in November of 2004
and gave my life to Christ while traveling in a car to radiation treatments for breast cancer,
and have not turned off the radio station since.
My husband and I have found a wonderful Christian Church and community.
I no longer listen to secular radio…
I called WIHS for some information and ended up talking to a very helpful
and pleasant office staff member who helped me find my current church
where my teenage daughter and myself have received Jesus as Lord and Savior into our lives!
Thank you WIHS for all, and I mean all you do to touch our lives with the glorious word of our Lord!

After listening to your station, I asked JESUS to come into my life, found a Bible-based church,
and got baptised...Now I have you programmed on my car radio and listen everyday...Thank you!

10 years ago I was a "church goer", but didn't know Christ. I came to know Him through WIHS!

I am a senior citizen and have always attended church, but I had never given my heart to Jesus.
Oh, I tried to be good, do all the right things, and tried to please everyone. I could never believe that the God I heard about
just could love me for all the past & present sins I lived with.
I thought I had to be good and I knew I wasn’t….
About 3 years ago, I was in the hospital for 4 weeks for depression & finally signed myself out.
I came home and begged God to help me.
One day I turned on the radio and found your Station. It was like God was talking to me through your Station.
Several weeks later I awoke during the night.
I felt such a sense of peace and a feeling of being held in God’s arms telling me He loved me,
that I was His, I didn’t need to be perfect and that I couldn’t be because of my sinful nature.
I got on my knees and felt God there with me. The Holy Spirit entered my soul and heart.
Oh, such peace, such joy….My life has never been the same.
Praise God, my Lord and Savior! … Your station was used by God to bring me to a saving grace.


Updated: April 2013