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WIHS offers our own Good News Letter 4 times a year and at NO charge!

The WIHS Good News Letter contains our most up-to-date Program Guide, a timely message from the Station Manager, a listing of area events and local happenings, letters from listeners, and LOTS more!!!

If you would like to receive the WIHS Good News Letter, please click here.

WIHS strives to be good stewards so we promise not to "bombard" you with lots of other mail, and we will not give your information to any other agency -- So get plugged in to what's happening in the WIHS listening area today!!

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Here's what a Wethersfield Listener says about her Good News Letter:

…I am very glad to have a Christian radio station to listen to…I sometimes will hear something that seems as if it was directed just at me and for me.  After I read your newsletters, I use them as a “tract” and leave it in a pertinent place for someone to find and hopefully read!  Thanks for being here!

Updated: February 2011