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11th Annual Listener All Requested Music Day

On Wednesday, August 28th, the only music (with the exception of Dinner Concert), played on WIHS will be listener requests! We will be announcing the titles of the songs, the artists' names and the towns from where the requests were made!!

WIHS Listener All Requested Music Day is our way of saying "Thank You" to all of our listeners and volunteers - for their support, prayers & encouragement!

Make you song request by filling out the form below. The "Time Slot" entry is the period of time in which you would like your song to be played.

Please only request songs that you have heard played on WIHS previously. If you haven't heard it played on WIHS, we don't have it in our music database.

Request Form

What town do you live in?

Song Title Artist    Time Slot:
1st Choice:

In case your 1st choice is not available
If a time slot is missing from the list, it means it is already full and therefore not available

Why did you choose these songs?

Contact Information

Please provide us with a way to contact you if we have questions regarding your song request.


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Updated: August 23, 2013